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Our Journey

Fuelled by our desire to innovate, we have achieved greater milestones, one after the other.

  • A new beginning 2013

    A new beginning

    Tracko began its journey with a vision to excel and become the leader in the IT world.

  • Stepping forward 2015

    Stepping forward

    Through rigorous R&D, we launched a product specifically for fleet track and dispatch.

  • Next-Gen innovation 2017

    Next-Gen innovation

    Improving our previous offerings, Tracko, a fleet management solution, was born.

Why Choose Us?

We are a group of rebellious minds who don’t settle down for the ordinary. We constantly challenge the norm by discovering emerging technologies that are focused on solving real-life business challenges. Come witness innovation to take your business ahead of all your competitors.

  • Boundless Creativity

    Boundless creativity

    With its futuristic, unique solution, Tracko embodies our thirst for exploring uncharted ideas and technologies.

  • Simplistic Product

    Simple yet brilliant

    Innovation doesn’t mean inconvenience. Our simplistic product benefits our clients without compromising the outcome.

A fleet management solution with a difference!

Advance towards the future and experience improved productivity.

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