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Organize Fleet Maintenance - Scheduled Maintenance

Optimized maintenance. Long-term benefits

Vehicle breakdowns and reduced fleet life expectancy can hamper your daily operations, leading to delayed deliveries, poor service and heavy repair costs. Tracko organizes fleet maintenance in a way that makes it an advantage rather than a disruption to your work commitments.

  • Set up a maintenance schedule based on vehicle usage and part-based metrics.
  • Plan your daily fleet assignments in accordance with the schedule.
  • Never miss out on inspections with automated reminders.

Address vehicle issues immediately

There are certain business factors that are beyond our control, i.e. road accidents and vehicle breakdowns. Our innovative approach helps in monitoring real-time activities, making it easier to deploy assistance quickly and monitor inspections, all from a single platform.

  • Make custom inspection checklists to ensure only safe vehicles take the road.
  • Create work orders and track the progress of your inspections.
  • Keep track of vehicle inspection expenditure and labor costs.
Vehicle Inspection & Work Orders
Track Fleet Parts Inventory

Keep track of inventory and parts usage

With Tracko, managing the parts inventory of your fleet across multiple geographical locations has never been this easy. Gain visibility of your auto parts, analyze part usage, identify patterns in issues and decrease your fleet expenditure with our intuitive fleet inventory management.

  • Itemize your fleet inventory to easily locate associated vehicle parts.
  • Know when your parts are running low to stock up immediately.
  • Manage your purchase orders and suppliers, all in one place.

Take advantage of predictive maintenance

Tracko is not just another fleet maintenance system, it’s so much more. Leveraging AI-based intelligence, we identify patterns in your vehicle performance and usage to predict measures that can be implemented to improve fleet efficiency.

  • Benefit from our advanced on-board diagnostics to prevent major issues.
  • Rely upon intelligent checklist suggestions that consider jobs and fleet history.
  • Make smarter decisions in choosing your vehicle by analyzing fleet rating.
Improve Vehicle Performance - Predictive Maintenance

Control fleet expenditure with maintenance planning

Protect your most valuable investment with an effective fleet maintenance system that caters to your business goals and brings a definite improvement.

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