Fleet Management Software For Educational Transportation

Education Transportation

Make strategic planning decisions and bring orderliness
to your processes with Tracko.

Educational Transportation Challenges

Industry Challenge

Disorganization, inefficient routes and unchecked driving behavior has been an imposing challenge for educational institutions leading to rising expenses.

Plan Better PickUp & Drop Schedules in Educational Fleets

Our Solution

With an automated fleet management system, Tracko streamlines processes to identify unnecessary costs and plan better pickup and drop schedules.

A smarter way to execute daily transportation

Build the foundation for safer travel and better service with

Identify Opttimal Route & Reduce Fuel Usage

Route planning

Identify the most optimal route to cover more locations in less time and fewer miles and minimize fuel consumption

Monitor Driving Behavior & Vehicle Safety

Track driver behavior

Ensure driver and vehicle safety by monitoring overspeeding, harsh acceleration, braking and other driving patterns

Track Engine Health & Schedule Fleet Maintenance

Reduce fleet wear & tear

Keep track of your engine health and schedule fleet maintenance regularly to protect your most valuable asset

Reduce Budget Constraints in Educational Transportation

Designed to enhance your operations

With stringent budget constraints, educational institutions are under immense pressure to provide quality transportation facilities at a minimum cost. Tracko provides a comprehensive outlook of your operations to identify cost-saving strategies and establish safety standards.

  • Implement protocols for better safety
  • Comply with necessary regulations
  • Track fuel and operational costs
  • Monitor real-time fleet location

Step into the digital world of fleet management

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