Vehicle Inspection & Work Orders

Inspections & Work Orders

Take the innovative route to handle
work orders and inspections

Inspection Checklist to Analyze Fleet Productivity

Custom inspection checklists

Create multiple inspections

Plan custom checklist with flexible parameters for scenarios such as pre-job and post-job vehicle inspections on a daily and periodical basis.

Take necessary action

Speed up your decision-making process for issues arising from the inspections by automating issue creation and receiving instant notification.

Reduce messy paperwork

Move away from chaotic paper-based checklists to a digitalized approach of planning your inspections and view reports to analyze fleet productivity.

Resolve issues with ease

Track vehicle issues

Create work orders and assign your field service employees, all from a single platform. Generate work assignments for issues raised via inspections.

Manage work orders

Track the progress of inspections and set work order due date & overdue thresholds to get notified instantly from our end-to-end maintenance system.

Repair and labor costs

Record labor wages for every work order and monitor the fleet repair expenditure on a regular basis to identify the best-performing vehicles.

Track Vehicle Issues & Manage Work Orders

Maintain a seamless execution of fleet inspections

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Extensive features for added benefits

Fleet Maintenance Scheduling - Avoid Unnecessary Breakdowns

Maintenance Schedule

Reduce vehicle downtime and mitigate part failures by planning fleet maintenance to avoid operations delays.

Automated Reports on Maintenance Reminders & Historical Data


Access cost-wise insights for individual vehicles and automated reports on maintenance reminders & historical data.

Diagnose Fleet to Find Major Faults - Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Stay one step ahead with predictive analysis that diagnoses your fleet to minimize major faults and repair costs.

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