Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling System

Maintenance Schedule

Perform vehicle inspections regularly to improve uptime and keep
your fleet on the road.

Vehicle Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

Strategic scheduling for a better outcome

Set service-based scheduling

Right from oil changes, tire replacement to other crucial fixes, set maintenance schedule for your vehicles based on service and work items.

Time & odometer-based

Custom schedule to plan your maintenance based on the time interval and odometer reading for individual vehicles (e.g. every 2 months/every 300 miles).

Follow up on renewals

Never miss out on important renewal dates by setting reminders for your vehicle’s insurance, registration, emission test and so much more.

Stay informed with maintenance reminders

Plan due-soon reminders

Depending on the planned maintenance, create a due date reminder for a set time-interval/meter-level threshold to get notified in advance.

Notify your workforce

Let your fleet operators and associated workforce know when a particular vehicle is due for maintenance with email notifications and mobile alerts.

Access upcoming maintenance

A comprehensive view of all the maintenance schedules (both services and renewals) created for your fleet and their due date status, all in one place.

Get Mobile Alerts for Scheduled Maintenance

Fleet maintenance made simple with Tracko

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Extensive features for added benefits

Vehicle Spare Parts Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Keep track of your extensive parts inventory and manage purchase orders from a feature-enriched platform.

Diagnose Fleet to Find Major Faults - Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Stay one step ahead with predictive analysis that diagnoses your fleet to minimize major faults and repair costs.

Inspections Points For Work Orders

Inspections & Work Orders

Ensure only approved vehicles take the road by establishing safety protocols with custom inspection checklists.

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