Vehicle Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Leverage advanced analytics to predict major part failures and prevent
process interruptions.

Insights on Vehicle Engine Health & Get Alerts on Engine Downtime

Predictive fleet insights at your fingertips

Detect failures beforehand

Take advantage of predictive analysis that diagnoses your engine health to identify patterns and receive alerts about parts that are likely to fail.

Reduce downtime, lower costs

Minimize repair expenditure, delivery delays and other costly mistakes arising from sudden vehicle breakdown by monitoring fleet health.

Improve vehicle lifecycle

With strategic maintenance scheduling, receive long-term benefits through enhanced fleet performance and improved vehicle lifecycle.

Plan fleet maintenance intelligently

Utilize job-based checklists

Receive recommendations for inspection checklist based on the job-specific geographical terrain (for example: inspection for high-altitude regions).

Vehicle-based maintenance

Implement automated checklist created with the help of analytical machine data for vehicle-based part failure and reduce unnecessary costs.

Streamline internal process

Initiate work orders and inventory purchases based on the prediction made for possible part failures to expedite decision-making process.

Decision Making on Vehicle-based Predictive Maintenance

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Extensive features for added benefits

Fleet Maintenance Scheduling - Avoid Unnecessary Breakdowns

Maintenance Schedule

Reduce vehicle downtime and mitigate part failures by planning fleet maintenance to avoid operations delays.

Automated Reports on Maintenance Reminders & Historical Data


Access cost-wise insights for individual vehicles and automated reports on maintenance reminders & historical data.

Inspections Points For Work Orders

Inspections & Work Orders

Ensure only approved vehicles take the road by establishing safety protocols with custom inspection checklists.

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