Intelligent Asset Tracking

Asset Safety

Maintain the highest standards of security
with intelligent asset tracking.

Vehicle Good Safety Tracking Software

Goods tracking for better control

Tracko enhances your goods safety with a comprehensive tracking software. Starting from truck loading, the on-road journey to delivery, monitor the exact location of your consignment. What’s more, Tracko lets your fleet managers identify multiple goods within a single vehicle. This way, it becomes easier to build trust and credibility with your customers.

  • Set geofence for better tracking
  • Trace missing consignment easily
  • Locate specific goods in a vehicle
  • Receive alerts for better safety

Improved visibility of your assets

Every fleet business has its own share of fixed and movable assets. Our intelligent asset tracking system helps to keep an eye on everything that is tied to your business. Know exactly when an asset is in operation and monitor idle assets to identify unauthorized access and maintain security.

  • Track real-time movements
  • Know how your assets are used
  • Find assets across regions, instantly
  • Check historical reports on assets
Real-Time Asset Tracking System

With Tracko, never let your assets out of your sight

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Extensive features for added benefits

Maximize Fleet Productivity & Monitor Driver Behavior

Smart Driver & Smart Fleet

Extract maximum fleet productivity and monitor driver behavior by analyzing individual performance, usage and more.

Reduce Operational Cost & Increase Revenue

Cost Management

Increase your revenue by monitoring operational expenses, fuel costs and other business-associated expenditure.

Avoid Fuel Theft & Reduce Fuel Expenses

Fuel Analytics

Control your fuel expenditure and avoid fuel theft by monitoring fuel usage, driver behavior and other metrics.

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