Cost Management for Fleet Business

Cost Management

Set the stage for smarter decision-making and build a
profitable fleet business.

Reduce Fleet Expenditures

Bring down fleet expenditure

Cost-cutting is a challenging aspect of every business. And with the logistics business being complex in every facet, the road to profitability is hard. Equipped with actionable data, your business can make better decisions to identify key factors that drain out your profits and strategies in which your business can change it.

  • Access fuel consumption reports
  • Know vehicle-wise costs
  • Minimize violations, toll costs & more
  • Monitor driving to reduce accident costs

Intelligent business analytics

Tracko brings you one step closer to building a profitable business by providing a plethora of business analytics and advanced reporting tools. By leveraging advanced intelligence, Tracko helps to understand your business better, anticipate future demands and determine ways to improve your revenue.

  • Identify jobs that can yield profits
  • Know your top-performing regions
  • Predict demand with historical data
Improve Business Revenue With Predictive Demand

Leverage insights to increase your bottom-line results

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Extensive features for added benefits

GPS Fleet/Vehicle Tracking & Driver Behavior Monitoring

Fleet Tracking

Reduce vehicle downtime and mitigate part failures by planning fleet maintenance to avoid operations delays.

Delivery Route Planning & Optimization

Route Optimization

Determine the most cost-effective route, all by maintaining fuel consumption and miles-traveled to a minimum.

Avoid Fuel Theft & Reduce Fuel Expenses

Fuel Analytics

Control your fuel expenditure and avoid fuel theft by monitoring fuel usage, driver behavior and other metrics.

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