Smart Fleet & Driver Management

Smart Fleet & Smart Driver

A fleet intelligence that helps in obtaining
maximum productivity for better results.

Analyze Individual Vehicle’s Performance & Productivity Using Fleet Management Software

The secret to fleet management

A fleet manager’s top priority is to identify all the ways in which the fleet can be utilized to its maximum potential. Our fleet management software simplifies this herculean process by analyzing the individual vehicle’s productivity to evaluate performance and identify the optimal fleet size for your business. With such analytical insights, your business can now make smarter decisions.

  • Analyze vehicle hours of operation
  • Monitor engine idling effectively
  • Assign jobs to underutilized fleet
  • Know when your fleet is in the field
  • Control harsh driving to reduce downtime

Mitigate risks for enhanced driver safety

Drivers are the crux of your business and Tracko assists you in regularly monitoring your driver activities to improve productivity and establish safety standards. Our comprehensive fleet management solution leverages robust analytics to measure driving behavior and harsh patterns to ensure the overall safety of your fleet operations.

  • Curb speeding to improve safety
  • Score and rank your drivers
  • Track harsh braking & acceleration
  • Trigger alerts for self-correction
Track Harsh Braking & Acceleration Using Fleet Management Solution

Scale new boundaries with advanced insights

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Extensive features for added benefits

GPS Fleet/Vehicle Tracking & Driver Behavior Monitoring

Fleet Tracking

Reduce vehicle downtime and mitigate part failures by planning fleet maintenance to avoid operations delays.

Reduce Operational Cost & Increase Revenue

Cost Management

Increase your revenue by monitoring operational expenses, fuel costs and other business-associated expenditure.

Track Asset & Consignment Safety

Asset Safety

Secure your valuable assets and consignments with our advanced tracking system and build trust among your customers.

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