Intelligent Fleet Management Software

Intelligent Fleet Management Software

Transforming the way fleet businesses manage their operations

Driving powerful decisions with precision

In this challenging environment, overcoming complexities can be hard. Tracko accelerates your logistics operations with a that provides a big picture of your business. Our technological innovation gives the advantage your business needs to anticipate events, make smarter decisions and identify opportunities leading to increased productivity and profitability.

An intelligence that drives improved profitability

Tracko takes away the complexities of your fleet operations to unearth opportunities that lead to improved savings and increased revenue.

Utilize fleet to its maximum

Utilize fleet to its maximum

Keep in sight of everything happening in real-time to monitor your fleet and optimize planning.

Safe driving, better success

Safe driving, better success

Track driving patterns and let drivers self-correct to ensure improved safety and productivity.

Bring down fuel costs

Bring down fuel costs

Monitor fuel consumption and wastage to improve fuel efficiency and double your profit margin.

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Synchronize tracking and dispatching activities with enhanced monitoring and intelligent analytics in a single platform.

Fleet Management Software - ManageX
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From daily inspections, issue tracking to predictive maintenance, everything your business needs to look after your fleet.

Fleet Maintenance Software - MaintainX
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Behold the marvel of innovation

Setting new benchmarks with revolutionary technology that solves real-life challenges.

Artificial Intelligence

The dynamic logistics ecosystem demands a one-of-a-kind intelligence that facilitates improved efficiency and smarter planning. And that’s what Tracko taps into by adopting Artificial Intelligence. From expediting work orders, establishing safety standards and taking preventive measures to avoid massive expenditure, Tracko and its AI-powered fleet management give your business the upper hand to stay one step ahead, in every way.

Big Data

Knowledge is power and Tracko is here to become the eyes and ears of your organization, leaving nothing to chance. With the implementation of powerful analytics and machine learning, our solution identifies patterns using historical and current events. Using this intelligence, logistics businesses can prevent fuel fraud, road accidents caused due to driver negligence and eventually reduce operational costs.


Tracko takes out the manual inefficiencies involved in fleet management and replaces it with a software that allows improved control over your fleet, workforce and assets. IoT facilitates enhanced communication between your vehicles and drivers that results in complete transparency in business operations. With an advanced solution such as this, your business will never miss out anything crucial.

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