Fleet Management Software for E-Commerce Distribution


An end-to-end fleet management and distribution system to ensure
perfection in order deliveries.

Delivery Challenges in ECommerce Industry

Industry Challenge

The digital transformation brought by the e-commerce industry has resulted in multiple pain points such as globalized channels and increased delivery expectations.

Improve Turnarounds & Faster Delivery - ECommerce Distribution

Our Solution

Tracko leverages cutting-edge technology to provide all the information businesses need for improved customer expectations, faster turnarounds and deliveries.

Strengthening your eCommerce distribution channels

A comprehensive suite of innovative tools to manage eCommerce business, both large and small

Manage Job Requests & Daily Assignments

Empower your drivers

Allow your drivers to manage job requests and complete daily assignments quickly with advanced in-app features

Complete Transparency on ECommerce Business Operations

Full transparency

Get a complete perspective of business operations, including daily delivery reports, total expenditure and revenue

Reduce Operational Costs & Unwanted Expenses

Improve cost-efficiency

Monitor fuel costs, fleet productivity and workforce performance to reduce operational costs and unwanted expenses

Manage Last Mile Delivery & Real-Time Updates

Simplifying operational complexities

One of the most important infrastructures of an E-Commerce business is distribution and delivery. With a software such as this, e-commerce-focused logistics providers can manage last-mile delivery by providing complete visibility and real-time updates to dispatchers, drivers and customers.

  • Handle multiple location deliveries
  • Better planning for faster deliveries
  • Implement last-minute changes quickly
  • Monitor aggressive driving behavior

Surpassing global standards with Tracko

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