Technology inetgrations into Fleet Management Solution


Infusing simplicity and modernity into our solutions with
a suite of technology integrations

Monitor Driver Behavior & Schedule Maintenance Using OBD II

On board diagnostic - II

Identify vehicle faults

Receive Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) alerts directly to your system every time any particular vehicle part is malfunctioning and get it resolved instantly.

Driver behavior monitoring

Monitor aggressive driving behavior, such as speeding, harsh acceleration and braking to minimize avoidable accidents and ensure better safety on the road.

Prediction based on engine data

Make your maintenance and inspection schedule better with predictive analysis that identifies vehicle failure before it even happens and improves asset life.

Asset Tracker

Asset location tagging

Know the exact location of your assets, both live and inactive, to track the asset usage and identify your asset from any warehouse and geographical region.

Eliminate unauthorized usage

Enhance your asset tracking and monitoring abilities by receiving alerts every time a particular container door is opened or closed and when it is in use.

Better asset & goods safety

Using minute-by-minute location tagging, improve your asset and goods security standards and make it easier to locate missing business assets.

Track & Monitor Fleet Asset Safety
Track Fuel Expenditure & Avoid Fuel Theft

Fuel Sensors

Error-free fuel recording

Replace messy fuel receipts and manual recording with automated fuel data entry to avoid any discrepancies for your fleet across multiple locations.

Metric-based fuel costs

Keep track of fuel expenditure and analyze cost-per-litre, miles-per-litre and cost-per-mile to analyze fuel usage and improve efficiency.

Avoid fuel theft

Track the fuel level of your vehicle and know exactly when there is any inconsistency to identify fuel theft and unauthorized fuel usage.

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