Fleet Management Software for Food & Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage

Expedite delivery and transform your delivery channels with our
fleet management system.

Delayed Deliveries Challenge in Food & Beverage

Industry Challenge

Rapidly changing demands and handling perishables remain the biggest challenge for the industry, leading to reduced visibility, delayed deliveries and costly wastage.

Identify Smarter Routes for Food & Beverage Delivery Business

Our Solution

Tracko powers your business operations by dispatching nearest vehicles on smarter routes to deliver perishables quickly for minimizing risks and expenses.

A dynamic solution to meet your business prerequisites

Implement a customized fleet management software to achieve maximum productivity

Real-Time Tracking of Delivery Fleet

Real-time tracking

Monitor real-time location of the delivery fleet, current status and estimated time of arrival through GPS tracking

Track Engine Performance to Improve Fleet Utilization

Fleet intelligence

Know every movement of your large fleet, its assigned jobs, history and engine performance for improved fleet utilization

Robust Monitoring for Profitable Business

Robust monitoring

Track your driver behavior, unused fleet, profitable opportunities, fleet maintenance and more with robust reporting

Fleet Management Solution for Food & Beverage Distribution Business

Smart dispatching and management solution

To survive in the food and beverage distribution industry, it is crucial to execute operations instantly. Tracko helps in overcoming fluctuating demands and widespread location challenges with a technology-driven intelligent fleet management solution.

  • Protect perishables with faster decisions
  • Keep compliances in order
  • Choose quick and safer routes
  • Receive alerts for temperature changes

Revolutionize your food distribution business

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